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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Abbe Buck's HighViz PR Portfolio - and the HighViz PR - Promo Challenge

Q: Who is HighViz Consulting Group? What is High-Viz- Ability?

A: Why, that is my company!

HighViz Consulting Group is a project company. We are a boutique firm, working with select copywriters, media specialists, seasoned marketers and communications strategists. We have a unique way of combining tactical business development along with reults-oriented public relations programs created for our clients, using all types of promotional strategies.

fyi* We have a FREE PR Promo challenge - give us an idea you have - and we will come up with a response and starting "plan of action" within 24 hours! Click here for story.

HighViz = High-Viz - Ability .... yours!

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